Camp O'Donnell, Capas Tarlac - The Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) participated in the ceremonial handover of anniversary items to the different Army units on March 14, 2023 in relation to the 126th Celebration of the Philippine Army Anniversary, through video teleconferencing that is simultaneously conducted all over the country. Lieutenant General Romeo S. Brawner, Jr., Commanding General, Philippine Army (CGPA) led the handover of packages at 503rd Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Divison, PA.

          Brigadier General Luis Rex D Bergante, Commander, TRADOC personally handed over the packages to the TRADOC's subordinate units. He acknowledged the accomplishments of every members of Pangkat TRADOC who rendered dedicated service in educating the Army personnel and pursue the genuine transformation of a professional soldier through education and training aligned with the guidance of CGPA. That is to enhance the capability of soldiers and units in the performance of their mandated task to contribute in the effort of the Army in defeating the enemy. As a source of Army standards, education and training is the foundation of a world-class, multi-mission ready, cross-domain capable soldier. The gift packages will boost the morale of personnel of the Army.

          LtGen Brawner on his message reiterate his command guidance "SERVE" wherein soldiers should be taken care of including their families, enhance the individual skills and unit capabilities, push down the resources to our units so that they are capacitated to perform their missions, become victorious over the adversaries and pursue excellence in all our undertakings. "Let us continue to be a strong, united and reliable army that our nation can be proud of.", LtGen Brawner highlighted in his speech.